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No product makes it to market without the help of logisticians. Logistics specialists and engineers follow the entire life cycle of a product, from conception to delivery, analyzing and coordinating the functions of a company along the way. similarly helps logisticians in all phases of their career, from finding new employment, to looking for a better job, even helping employers find great logistic engineers to hire. Our philosophy at is to focus on obtaining the best resources for finding jobs for logisticians, instead of making you sift through irrelevant job postings.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a growth in logistics jobs. If you haven’t looked at the logistics marketplace recently, now is the time to take another look. Your dream logistics job might be out there. Get started with our updated listings of new logistics positions or sign up for our free email of new logistics listings.

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CILT and IRTE join forces on transport manager training  — Logistics Manager
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and the Institute of Road Transport Engineers are joining forces to offer a suite of training products for transport managers.

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Would a logistics and transportation site for startups/entrepreneurs be useful at all? - Quora

It could possibly work (who am I..)
One of the major challenges in logistics is that the field is so big that it is hard to identify and stick with a niche, but that is what is needed.
I understand your niche to be information/articles for startups (presumably 20-somethings who want launch a product and need input on distribution and the logistics side of e-commerce)
OPM... no matter what project you are launching you should look to partner and diversify risk.  If you can raise interest among sponsors who would be interested in reaching your target audience before you put significant ca…

Where to look for a logistics/transportation job?

Where is the best place to look for a job in the logistics and transportation field? I was a manager, before I was laid off. I am looking for a job in the Baltimore/Washington, DC area.

have you tried with an airline? I have a friend working at one and I know he makes a butt load of money - only problem is he started in DC then moved to Arizona - but I did hear he loves it there