Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

Postgraduate research

With so many exciting and important themes available to research and the general shortage of well-trained researchers in transport and logistics, ITLS always encourages inquiries. The Institute invites individuals with strong interests in higher level research to contact us. ITLS has a large number of research themes which we believe would make an excellent research program. These can range from highly quantitative to highly qualitative research topics with a focus on basic and applied research. ITLS has the largest group of postgraduate students in transport and logistics management in Australia. Our research students become close members of ITLS and have open access to research facilities and internationally renowned academic staff in transport and logistics. Facilities for research students at ITLS are excellent. Each student has an individual work area, with full access to computers, printing, photocopying and fax facilities. Students also have access to the ITLS resource collection including leading transport journals, data and other material.

Annual Higher Degrees by Research Symposium

Every years ITLS Higher Degree by Research (PhD and MPhil) students organise and host a symposium to present their research. The two day symposium is attended by students and academics. Presentations cover a variety of topics representing the range of research being conducted at ITLS. They included research on choice modelling, maritime logistics, agricultural supply chains, public transport, travel behaviour using GPS, and business responses to changes in the street space and environmental policy.

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What was the solution to the high cost of transportation freight through out America?

The implementation of rail transport was one solution to the high cost of transportation of freight throughout America. Prior to that, everything was transported by buggy or by boat.

Freight Transport and Logistics Lectures

I just ran across an interesting-looking lecture from Marc Levinson called "The Traveling Box: Container as Global Icon of Our Era". He also wrote a book on the subject ("The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger"). I haven't seen or read either (though I would like to), but thought these might be useful in your research.