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CovalentWorks offers Lean Logistics EDI solutions that make it easy for small suppliers to process EDI transactions. You can focus on growing your business while our company takes care of the complexities of Lean Logistics EDI compliance for you.

All you will need is internet access and email capability to receive purchase orders, send advance ship notices, and send invoices. Printing bar code labels is a snap. No Lean Logistics EDI software is required.

Lean Logistics web-based EDI services are provided monthly. There are no long-term contracts.

The following web-based EDI documents have been fully tested for Lean Logistics EDI compliance
  • 204 Motor Carrier Shipment Information
  • 214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Stats Message
  • 990 Response to a Load Tender

CovalentWorks also supports any other EDI documents that Lean Logistics or your partners may require.

MyB2B - For EDI as easy as email

MyB2B is an affordable EDI service that is perfect for suppliers that do not want the expense of an in-house EDI department. You receive new Lean Logistics EDI order notifications via email and send EDI documents using web forms on our secure web site.

Web forms are pre-filled with data from original source documents. For example, invoices are pre-filled with purchase order data. You review the invoice, enter the invoice date and invoice number, and click send. CovalentWorks takes care of the rest.

B2BWorks - For high volume EDI

B2BWorks is a solution that integrates Lean Logistics EDI transactions with your back office systems. We take care of the EDI VAN transportation of the documents.

Mapping and translation of EDI documents to any electronic format you choose can also be provided. This eliminates data entry and sends data directly to your applications. EDI transactions are automatically translated into your file format.


CovalentWorks services are specifically designed to meet the needs of small companies for managing electronic orders from large trading partners.

CovalentWorks provides a web hosted service because we understand your staffing, technology and budget constraints. Our service minimizes your cost and effort through:

  • Automating the document flow between you and your customers
  • No investment in hardware
  • No new staffing
  • No lengthy contracts
  • No annual fees
  • No software to purchase or maintain
EDI outsourcing makes life simple

Should you outsource your EDI needs to CovalentWorks?

Our references will be glad to tell you about our easy-to-use EDI system and client service. If you need EDI with Lean Logistics and you would like for someone else to manage the complexities of EDI, then you should contact us to learn more.

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