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Adds Efficiency to CEVA
In a time-sensitive and highly competitive industry, CEVA needed to quickly send carrier rate confirmations for signature and be able to efficiently manage the entire contract process.

Tracking and managing shipments was time-consuming and labor-intensive for CEVA’s Truckload Brokerage team. It was crucial for CEVA to act fast once an order was received. Transportation Brokers were waiting around fax machines and faxes were getting lost with other departments’ paperwork. Fax machines were running out of toner and having issues significantly slowing the contract process. These delays would result in shippers turning to other brokers or truck drivers no longer available to transport a load.

Using Sertifi, CEVA streamlined business processes, increased worker productivity, enhanced customer experience, and heightened document security. CEVA eliminated the inefficiencies of the manual contract process and reduced direct costs associated with paper, printing, and faxing.

CEVA no longer deals with the headache of paper-based and labor-intensive tasks. More time is allocated for completing transactions and other revenue generating activities. CEVA increased workplace flexibility by enabling Transportation Brokers to manage transactions remotely on tablets and mobile devices. Carriers can conveniently sign contracts and other documents anywhere on any device reducing the contract retrieval time to just a few minutes!

CEVA also enhanced document security with Sertifi’s full signature stamp that includes the time of signature, IP address of signer, and signer’s email address. CEVA sends a copy of the signed contract with the invoice as verification of the services provided to shippers.

Compared to the manual contract process of sending documents for signature, CEVA completes transactions in one-fifth the amount of time and saves thousands in direct costs each month. The contract retrieval time was reduced by 83%, from 30 minutes to just 5 minutes. Worker productivity has also dramatically increased. The Truckload Brokerage team has added between 15-20 man-hours each week enabling more time for customer and client relationships.

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What is ceva logistics?

on a national, regional or global scale for medium to large enterprises. It is headquartered in Amsterdam. !