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Industry experts are finally reporting positive growth numbers for the construction market. These indications signal a shift away from experiences during the economic downturn when contractors had to learn ways of running their businesses more efficiently in order to survive. Many contractors have realized technology is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in order to succeed in the world of increased competition and lower profit margins. This article spotlights three key ways that contractors are best leveraging technology to get ahead and stay ahead.

Maxwell Systems president & CEO Jim Flynn was asked to share his opinions on the climate and direction of the industry, what’s influencing technology advancements, and how contractors are leveraging technology for best success. An excerpt: “We have a generational shift that will continue to gain momentum and we will continue to see an increase in technology use and also a diversity of new techniques to leverage technology to do things in new and powerful ways for better construction management.”

When Mann’s Construction was seeing overhead expenses increase, the contractor looked to technology to better manage time and keep a competitive edge. By investing in a seamless software solution for takeoff and estimating, the company now bids more accurately, reduces overhead, and is more competitive. With up-to-the-minute accurate information and easy workflow, Mann’s keeps jobs on track, prevents costly mistakes, and captures additional profit.

Contractors looking for a competitive edge and take advantage of a fresh wave of activity coming out of the recession are leveraging technology to improve efficiency and profitability. Specifically, construction business leaders are deploying software to close the information gap and improve documentation and workflow. Doing so, they can more quickly identify profit opportunities, react to costly issues, and monitor project and financial activity closely for real-time insight and forecasting.

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