Procurement Logistics services

Overview of Procurement LogisticsWe offer comprehensive support to customers in and outside of Japan. Our service includes receiving parts, half-finished goods, and finished goods from the customers´ affiliates or suppliers, inspecting and storing them, and delivering them to the production lines and cells in accordance with the customers' production plans.

Our procurement service began with the procurement of raw materials for Hitachi Ltd. We began importing finished products after the Plaza Accord and the subsequent shift by manufacturers to overseas for low-cost production. Currently, we support manufacturers in diverse industries including home electronics, automobile, machinery and apparel.

Automatic storage system managed by computer

Our service best fits the following customers:

  • Customers who have plans of production and sales in numerous locations around the globe for which they must procure parts, half-finished goods, and finished products.
  • Customers considering changes in procurement routes.
  • Customers who want to minimize sales opportunity losses.
  • Customers who have plans to start operations in a new plant.

We help optimize the entire process by analyzing existing procurement routes, costs, and schemes. We manage customers´ overseas locations, consolidate buyers*, arrange and execute delivery to ports in Japan, and deliver goods just-in-time to the production lines by dividing them in multiple small lots using the online system. From one destination to another, we swiftly deliver "what is required", "when it is required" and "as much as it is required".

※Buyers Consolidation: a shipment method where a delivery agent procures goods from multiple destinations to deliver them together to the customer.

Overview of Procurement Logistics

Automatic storage system managed by computer

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