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Healthcare Supply Chain
a shifting landscape shaped by innovation, efficiency and cost savings

Ordering medications. Tracking changes to treatment strategies. Ensuring that critical supplies and medical devices are readily available for surgeries. Having systems in alignment. Having complete, real-time visibility to inventory.

These are among the many things that have to be in alignment in the healthcare field. After all, no patient can—or should have to—tolerate a supply chain breakdown.

The healthcare industry is undergoing major changes in all areas, from R&D practices to how products are stored and distributed, to the manufacturer-wholesaler relationship, to how hospitals and chain pharmacies get their pharmaceuticals.

Consider what’s going on in the industry today:

  • Some branded pharmaceuticals are making OTC conversions.
  • Hospitals prefer an “on-demand” system of finished goods over inventorying these items.
  • Fewer new products are being approved by the FDA.
  • There is a focus in R&D on biologics (specialty pharmaceuticals that are difficult to handle and require greater control at the end of the supply chain) over solid-dose medicines.
  • The industry, overall, is moving toward outcome-based compensation models.

All of these factors add up to a landscape which will be shaped by innovation, efficiency and cost savings.

Delivering Results

In the healthcare industry, perhaps more than any other, the outcomes of logistics decisions influence performance several ways. Logistical hurdles are but one of many difficult challenges healthcare manufacturers face every day.

GENCO, the leader in Product Lifecycle Logistics®, connects manufacturers and their end customers in closed-looped supply chains.

GENCO has been a leader in healthcare logistics for more than 20 years, executing reliably under the most-demanding quality and regulatory pressures. We provide logistics support to more than 75 clients in the pharmaceutical, OTC, medical device and retail market segments.

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