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Texas International Freight is a project logistics company based in the US energy capital, Houston, Texas. We understand how demanding of time, material, and resources the energy industry can be. Its demands only increase as world energy consumption increases year after year. Texas International Freight conducts project logistics for the oil and gas industry globally.

We know upstream, Exploration & Production. We know midstream and delivery. We know downstream and related petrochemical industries. Our project logistics abilities can deliver whatever cargo is necessary, wherever it is necessary. We can start on a moment’s notice. Texas International Freight works with both operators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).Project Logistics Heavy Industries Served We also work with the tens of thousands of service and engineering companies that fabricate and design the wide range of equipment found in the oil patch.

We offer for time sensitive material. Also, we can for project logistics for building facilities overseas.

Texas International Freight, LLC works in the oil and gas industry, the alternative energy industry (wind and solar), and in the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) side of the business. The biggest industry in Texas is taken care of daily by Texas International Freight.

Industrial and Engineering Projects

Project Logistics Heavy Industries ServedTexas International Freight works with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other material suppliers in every region of the US in serving their project logistics needs. We ship overseas manufacturing plant and infrastructure facilities. We have experience in shipping heavy machinery and equipment for Automotive production, Aerospace development, and Industrial manufacturing. Texas International Freight is able to ship pre-fabricated buildings and an array of heavy equipment and machinery to points all over the globe.

Texas International Freight works with engineering companies that provide a wide range of services. We consult, analyze, and design with input from the customer the critical paths in the project logistics framework for complicated Industrial projects, foreign Infrastructure projects, remediation projects, development.

Marine, Naval, and Offshore

Texas International Freight can ship the smallest to the largest components to shipyards all over the world. Dock and yard operators in the Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore, South Korea and other major shipbuilding plants need on time planning and execution of shipments. Our project logistics service helps shipyards and docks that vary from small maintenance and vessel upgrades for offshore supply tugs to the building, rebuilding or refitting of major commercial vessels such as Floating Production Storage Offloading Vessels (FPSOs).

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