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Estafeta USA Ecommerce Doing Business in MexicoEstafeta USA offers logistics solutions to both businesses and consumers. Our recent “In Mexico & Ordering Online from the U.S.” campaign is an example of how we can help consumers who are in Mexico and ordering from online retailers in the U.S. for delivery directly to their home, family or friends in Mexico.

The Offer

Estafeta USA is currently offering a limited-time free P.O. Box to consumers looking to ship U.S. online retail orders to Mexico. To sign up for your free P.O. Box, simply click here and fill out your information. Once you’ve received your free P.O. Box information, you can use it to ship purchases in the following way:

Auto industry logistics mexicoWhen filling out your order online, use your free P.O. Box number as the “Ship To” address. The purchase will arrive to Estafeta’s cross-border warehouse in Laredo, Texas; from there, Estafeta will assist with customs paperwork and clearance, and deliver the package to your door in Mexico.

Estafeta USA also offers several methods for US retailers to have their products delivered to customers in Mexico. If you’re a business owner looking to ship to Mexico, check out our blog article on how Estafeta simplifies the shipping process for retailers, or contact a cross-border logistics consultant to get started.

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Mexico is rapidly becoming the go-to destination for expanding U.S. businesses. The country’s growing middle class, strategic location and low trade regulations means that it offers a number of opportunities for US-based companies looking to grow their business and increase their profitability. The growing customer base in Mexico isn’t something that purely brick-and-mortar stores are experiencing; ecommerce retailers are seeing a steady increase of orders from below the border as well.

The ecommerce industry has seen major advancements and steady growth since the mid-1990s. The ecommerce model offers a number of benefits for retailers: ecommerce websites are not limited to a geographical location and can reach a variety of customers that brick and mortar stores are unable to. Additionally, the model reduces costs by eliminating the need for traditional advertising, a large employee base, and a physical location, and the always-on nature of the internet means that the store never has to close, increasing revenue potential. With the increasing use of tablets and mobile devices for online shopping, ecommerce stores are becoming the go-to choice for consumers, both in the United States and abroad.

Despite the advantages presented by the ecommerce model, the industry also poses several challenges to retailers, most notably in the fulfillment department. Unlike with brick and mortar businesses, the ecommerce model involves shipping a purchase to a customer, which subsequently raises the issues of warehousing, inventory, packaging, shipping, tracking and delivery.

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Beyond retail, we also saw increasing traction in larger enterprise class accounts, including an enterprise wide win at a Top 10 U.S. bank, and initial deployments of one of the world's largest logistics companies and a global auto manufacturer.

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