Integrated Logistics Support certification

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Modern support strategies for military systems now encompass a wide range of internal and contracted support options. Support must be carefully designed so that operational requirements can be met, while minimizing system downtime and life cycle support costs. The ILS Management course examines:

  • How to determine support requirements
  • How to optimize the “division of responsibility” between internal military maintenance and contracted maintenance and to establish Performance Based Logistics (PBL) contracts
  • How to design a detailed maintenance program
  • Methods and timelines for the production of required support products and processes.

The course also examines the timing and methods for support acquisition in the context of overall project management and the acquisition cycle.

Topics include:

  • ILS concepts and definitions
  • Logistics Support Analysis core tasks, and an alternative strategy for COTS products
  • Logistics sustainment during the in-service phase
  • Reality-based exercises, presented in episodes to support teaching points.

The CSC ILS course is being offered at CSC’s facilities in

Ottawa on the dates shown below:

Course Dates

CSC, 555 Legget Drive, 9th Floor, Tower A, Kanata, ON, K2K 2X3



The course is suitable for project managers, systems engineers and ILS practitioners. The course content provides the broad overview required for management, identifies the interfaces that need to be established and maintained with systems engineering, and illustrates the analysis and support product creation processes that ILS practitioners need to be aware of.

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How many logistic soldiers for every combat soldier, and what level of military formation are they integrated?

Due to a small amount of research i have figured out that there are 25,000 logistics soldiers for every 15,000 combat soldiers in a division. But this doesn't add up because I believe a division only has about 15,000 soldiers in it. So my question is, where are logistics soldiers integrated into a combat military formation? Are there logistic companies in combat battalions, are there logistic battalions in combat brigades? What is the modern day ratio? If we were going to go to total war would we still only be able to have 10% of our population be in the military due to economic and in…

The US Army doesn't really do Division style units anymore. It's newest tactic is called the Modular Brigade Combat Team.
A standard Infantry BCT has 2 Infantry Battalions (800-1000 troops apiece), 1 Cavalry Troop (800-100), 1 Artillery Battery (800-1000) and 1 Support Battalion (800-100).
Also, every 4 BCT usually has 1 addition support brigade. (2-4 thousand)