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Schumacher Cargo Logistics ships Formula E car

Schumacher Secure uses "shipping magic" to deliver Barbados Sol Rally car before deadline

Schumacher Secure, a subsidiary of Schumacher Cargo Logistics, was selected as the car shipping company of choice for the Sol Rally Barbados.

This 2013 Sol Rally Barbados World Rally which featured competitors from 11 nations and 30 international entries are the largest annual motor sport event, celebrating its 50th anniversary just a few years ago.

One of the main challenges at this year's event was encountered by business man Michael O'Leary, who decided to enter his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X in the Barbados Rally. Initially, the car was supposed to be shipped directly from New York to Barbados. Just a couple of days before the car shipping date, the transit time to Barbados changed. This left everyone wondering if the car would arrive in time for the rally. The Sol RB Rally employees started to look for last-minute options as soon as they heard the news.

Warren Barnes, the VP of Schumacher Cargo Logistics, took on the challenge of making the car shipment possible, despite the short notice. Through hard work and determination, he found a transporter and made sure that the delivery was timely. The car arrived the Port of Palm Beach right in time for the great Sol Rally Barbados event.

Los Angeles Event- Formula E carSchumacher Cargo delivers Formula E race car

Warren Barnes, the vice-president of Schumacher Cargo Logistics with the Formula E car.

Mayor Villaraigosa, stockholders and driver Lucas Di Grassi celebrating the Los Angeles event with the Formula E prototype

Schumacher Cargo along with our UK partners "Delivered on Time" are the car shipping companies of choice for the Formula E car.

Formula E is a single-seat electric-powered race car. Formula E hopes to demonstrate that electric cars are a good alternative to gas-powered vehicles by having famous race car drivers drive them.

Schumacher Cargo participated in the Los Angeles Formula E car demonstration which took place in Los Angeles on April 23, 2013.

Participants in this event included Schumacher Cargo Logistics' vice president Warren Barnes, Formula E fans, and Mayor Villaraigosa.

Los Angeles has been selected as one of the cities across the world to feature open-wheel races for the electric cars, also known as Formula E. The plan is to host these races globally, starting with Los Angeles in 2014.

Currently, only Los Angeles and Miami are open to hosting electric car races in the U.S. Other cities are in Europe, Brazil, Argentina, and Malaysia.

Villaraigosa explained that the Los Angeles race is paid in full by the investors of the Formula E car, so the city does not have any expenses.

Schumacher Cargo Logistics delivered the Formula E car to the Hollywood Sign on time and is looking forward to the future Formula E car events.

Schumacher Cargo Logistics announces sponsorship for Ferrari Club of America 50th Anniversary 2013 Event - February 4, 2013

Schumacher Cargo Logistics's president Martin Baker and vice-president Warren Barnes will be present at the extended 6-day event which attracts Ferrari lovers from all around the country and world, as well as over 250 Ferrari specialty display cars.

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How do you find freighter or cargo ship Australia to New Zealand?

I could find one at most New Zealand and many Australian ports. If you want shipping schedules contact port authorities or vessel agents.

How to go to New Zealand from India by ship or cargo ship?

Many freighters carry passengers. Do an internet search for "freighter travel" or similar terms. You will probably have very limited choices of departure points and times.
It will not necessarily be cheap, and it will certainly not be fast.

Where can I find if the company HIBISCUS LOGISTICS LIMITED NZ is a real company registered in New Zealand?

I need to get the registration number of this company called Hibiscus Logistics Limited in New Zealand and I need to know if they are still on the market, someone told me to check on but the website is not working for me, any other choices where I can find details about the company?

I was searching and found out these details about them, the website should work just fine for you, just make sure you have cache cleared.
Here is the result I got about them:
Company number: 1176878
Incorporation Date: 30 Nov 2001
Company Status: Registered
Entity type: NZ Limited Company