Platinum Cargo Logistics

Security Cargo Network Member
RFC Case Number: T-P13-1819P Court Case Number: 3:13-cv-01819-CAB-KSC File Date: Plaintiff Counsel: Gary L. Eastman of Law Offices of Gary L Eastman
Defendant: Platinum Cargo Logistics, Inc.
Kelli Lynn Spiri
Catalyst Solutions, Inc.
Rabbit Transit
Freightlogix, LLC
ATL Freight Forwarders, LLC
Expo Displays Caribbean, Inc.
Northwest Freight Services
Boss Platinum Corporation, LLC
KBU Logistics, Inc.
Catalyst Solutions-Colorado, LLC
Does 1-20, inclusive
Cause: 15:44 Trademark Infringement Court: California Southern District Court Judge: Judge Cathy Ann Bencivengo
Referred To: Magistrate Judge Karen S. Crawford

Docket Text

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Date Docket Text 8/6/2013 MINUTE ORDER OF TRANSFER. Per Related Case Number 12CV3013-CAB (KSC), Magistrate Judge Barbara Lynn Major is no longer assigned. Case reassigned to Magistrate Judge Karen S. Crawford for all further proceedings. The new case number is 13CV1819-CAB (KSC).(no document attached) (yeb) (Entered: ) Summons Issued. Counsel receiving this notice electronically should print this summons and serve it in accordance with Rule 4, Fed.R.Civ.P and LR 4.1. (dlg) (Entered: ) COMPLAINT with Jury Demand against All Defendants (Filing fee $400 receipt number 09), filed by Platinum Logistics WY, Inc.The new case number is 3:13-cv-1819-CAB-BLM. Judge Cathy Ann Bencivengo and Magistrate Judge Barbara Lynn Major are assigned to the case. (Eastman, Gary)(dlg) (Entered: )

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