Global Cargo Logistics

Denis IlinDenis Ilin

Executive President.

Denis joined the Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies more than 17 years ago. Starting his career in Volga Dnepr Airlines back in 1996, he then joined AirBridgeCargo Airlines management team in 2004 as the Chief Operating Officer, and then in 2006 as Managing Director of ABC. In August 2013 Denis Ilin was appointed Executive President of AirBridgeCargo Airlines.

Alexander Roschupkin

Commercial Director

Alexander Roshupkin has a 30-year career in civil aviation. Before he started working for Volga Dnepr Group he held aircraft maintenance engineering positions. Starting his career in Volga Dnepr Group as charter flights sales manager for Volga Dnepr Airlines, he built a successful career, later taking the position of Deputy Commercial Director. In 2007 Alexander joined AirBridgeCargo Airlines team. At various times, he was involved in route network planning as well as in the air traffic management.Alexander Roschupkin In 2013 Alexander was appointed Commercial Director, ABC.

Sergey Lazarev

Chief Operations Officer

After graduating from the Samara State Aerospace University, Sergey has built a successful career in JSC ‘Orenburg Airlines’, progressing from a product quality board engineer to Director of Operations and Quality Management. In 2013 Sergei joined AirBridgeCargo team, first as Deputy Chief Operations Officer, becoming later Chief Operations Officer. In AirBridgeCargo Sergey is responsible for implementing regularity and punctuality plans, ensuring the stable schedule perfomance as well as for operations.

Sergey Lazarev

Dmitry Malkov

Purchasing Director

Dmitry has been working for Volga Dnepr Group of companies since 2002.
After graduating from the Ulyanovsk State Technical University, he started working for Volga Dnepr Airlines as Operations costs manager at Flight Operations center. He then served as Principal Economist at Financial and Accounting Services and also as Head of Purchasing Department for Volga Dnepr Airlines. After participating in Volga Dnepr Group of companies’ project to create a purchasing activities system he was assigned Head of strategy and purchasing activities Department at managing company Volga Dnepr Moscow. In the beginning of 2013 Dmitry joined AirBridgeCargo Airlines Team as Purchasing Director. His duties include the administration of the newly created Purchasing Department, as well as establishing the purchasing processes and costs optimization.

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