Cargo Logistics Los Angeles, CA

International trade is the largest industry in Los Angeles by employment. Nearly 300, 000 jobs are directly sustained by the movement of goods in and out of the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port - the largest port complex in the United States and the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - the world's sixth busiest airport. Both the Port of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Airport are owned by the City of Los Angeles and are key components in the City's strategy to grow businesses and the economy.

About the Port of Los Angeles:

For the past decade the Port of Los Angeles has moved more containers than any other port in the Western Hemisphere. Its success is not a coincidence. The Port of Los Angeles has heavily invested to ensure that its customers can take advantage of three major business drivers: superior cargo terminals, rail and warehouse infrastructure, and services between dock and destination.

The Port's state-of-the-art facilities are moving the goods while modernizing aggressively for the decades ahead. Port professionals work with tenants and their customers to meet their needs for today and anticipate their needs for tomorrow.

The Port of Los Angeles is the best option for moving cargo in and out of the most heavily populated region in the Western U.S. and beyond. It has the nation's largest on-dock rail assets, providing the highest frequency of intermodal access to 14 major freight hubs across the United States and beyond.

The Port of Los Angeles Advantage


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San Pedro, CA
P: 310-732-3840
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About Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX): Gateway to the Pacific and the World

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the world’s sixth busiest passenger airport and ranks 14th in air cargo tonnage handled. It is also the world’s busiest origin-and-destination airport, with more passengers beginning or ending their trips in Southern California than using the airport for connecting flights. In 2013, LAX served 66.7 million passengers and handled nearly 2 million tons of freight and mail. In 2011, LAX handled 75 percent of passengers, 77 percent of air cargo, and 99 percent of international passenger-and-cargo traffic in the five-county Southern California region. In 2013, 96 domestic and 62 international cities were served by LAX.

Approximately 95 passenger carriers and cargo carriers serve LAX, including all major airlines. There are nine passenger terminals with more than 163 aircraft parking spots.

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What is the population of Los Angeles CA?

As of 2008 Los Angeles had an estimated population of 4,010,000 people. Los Angeles County: 11,000,000 (2008) Los Angeles Metropolitan Area 18,000,000 as of 2008