Cargo Logistics Limited

Interport Cargo Logistics

World Cargo Logistics was founded in 2000 with a goal of providing the most reliable service –conscious, cost effective heavyweight forwarding within the transport industry.

With our customer centred focus, we have built successful long term partnerships with our clients, working to service their daily needs and anticipate their future ones.

World cargo Logistics provides the highest quality of service and is widely recognised as the most customer conscious freight forwarder in the UK, emphasising on-time services with extraordinary customer care. This type of commitment has enabled us to form long term partnerships with you the customer. World Cargo Logistics employees are dedicated, loyal, knowledgeable and energetic individuals who recognise that our past and future success depends on our ability to provide a superior service to our customers on every shipment.

Our goal is customer satisfaction, we strive to exceed expectations and build our reputation by upholding yours.


- Air Freight
- Sea Freight

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What are you student pilot limitations regarding carriage of passengers or cargo and flying for compensation or hire

Look it up in the FAR, section 61.89.

What are the technology that not available in india in the field of Air cargo and logistics?

actually in India there is so many techologies that are used in this field.but technologies like filling fuel at air is not using as industrially

What is the weight limit for cargo in 2000 Ford Focus

The curb weight of a 2000 Ford Focus is 2,551 pounds. on!